Past The Gates

An Experiential Exploration of
Christo and Jeanne-Claude's
The Gates Installation

in New York City's Central Park

February 2005

This video tribute to Christo (1935 - 2020) and his partner Jeanne-Claude (1935 - 2009) is an experiential exploration of their project "The Gates, Central Park, New York, 19792005", a public art installation originally proposed in 1979 and after getting permission from the City of New York in January 2003, was installed and displayed for sixteen days in February, 2005.

"The Gates" was 23 miles of saffron-colored curtains suspended from cross beams of 5-inch square poles, with poles holding the beams sixteen feet high above the Central Park walkways, anchored by steel footings weighing over a quarter ton. The curtains hung 7 feet from the ground. Each gate was spaced 12 feet apart.

The Gates alludes to the tradition of Japanese torii gates, traditionally constructed at the entrance to Shinto shrines.

These non-narrative videos are a real-time journey through The Gates installation. The POV is looking back, in real-time, literally past the gates. They recede from the camera. One flies overhead, comes into full view, and falls away behind. This repeats again and again. Shot with a low-end digital video camera and mounted on a small tripod clamped to the back rack of a bicycle. The rear-facing camera faces back, angled up, revealing a low-res faux animation of travel through the gates and the winter environment of Central Park.


Past The Gates Gallery